About Barrett Donovan


I’ve been drawn to nature and travel for as long as I can remember, but I didn’t give photography much thought until after college.  At that point, my wife and I set out on a year long trip with just one goal – to see the world.  In addition to experiencing vastly different cultures and many amazing places, something else happened.  I realized I really enjoyed taking pictures.  Thus, my interest in photography took hold.  And it’s been unshakeable ever since.

Barrett Donovan in the Subway, Zion, Utah

Setting up in The Subway, Zion National Park. Photo by Mike Henderson

While I’ve upgraded my equipment as I gained experience, I’ll always remember getting my first SLR 15 years ago.  Not because it was a magical moment, but because I was surprised I didn’t instantly make significantly better images.  After all, I had a much better camera. What I quickly realized is that to create an interesting image, each facet of the photographic process must work well with every other facet.  Of course, one must work hard, be technically proficient and occasionally have Mother Nature’s cooperation.  Yet, what is often more important is being able to keep an open mind, discern options rapidly and adapt as fleeting moments quickly arise and vanish.

Indeed, the apparent simplicity of a good photograph often belies the effort it took to create it.  If captured correctly, the specialness of something elusive and rare can be made permanent.  It’s a way of preserving the most precious slivers of time and, to me, that’s what gives meaning to the effort this craft requires.

Artist Statement

My goal is to make images that pull the viewer into a scene by finding a subject, composition, lighting and way of processing that all work together. I’m not interested in simply documenting what I see but rather in making images that inspire and create a connection. I want a photograph to be truthful, not manipulated, and accurately represent the scene in which it was created. Bringing back an image that captures what I’ve experienced and being pushed into those experiences as part of the pursuit adds another dimension of purpose to my life.  And with that my passion only grows stronger.


  • Pentax 645 Medium Format Camera with Fuji Velvia slide film (I switched from film to digital in 2009)
  • Canon 5d Mark II 21 megapixel camera with professional ‘L’ series lenses
  • Nikon D800 36 megapixel camera with a series of professional grade lenses
  • Gitzo and Manfrotto Tripods
  • Sirui and Manfrotto Ball Heads